Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Pretty Feathers

This is the second time I have done this post. I was almost finished and my entire post was gone!
So it is a week later maybe this one will reach you!

I visited Naramata a couple of weeks ago: good food, great wine and interesting critters.


Naramata is home to two Peacocks. One is the father and one the son, the one below is a little bigger so probably the father. They each have their own favorite roosting spots depending on the time of day. This one starts its day perched on the railing outside the best soup, sandwich and coffee bar in town.

A Peacock is the male and Peahen the female and a group is called Peafowl. These are Indian Peacocks judging by their bright blue and green iridescent plumage.

Their tail is actually referred to as a train and contains many "eyelike" details.

Did you know that the Peahen also fans her tail, usually when something threatens her young.



A lot smaller and better camouflaged is the quail. A group of quails is known as a flock or a covey.
There are lots of them too: on the side of the roads, in the vineyards and in gardens.

California quails have a little plume of feathers (6) on their forehead that tilts forward, black in the males and 

brown in the females (below).

What a precious expression:

Mr and Mrs:


And a few things from the studio:

All watercolours.

"Market Day"

"Quail in the vines" 

"Seahorses 1" 

That's all I dare do, I keep thinking how the last post went poof just before I was set to publish it.

Happy Wednesday,

with whimsy,