Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The year ends on a crispy note

I went out for a slippery walk on Christmas morning with camera in gloved hand.
Fresh from my camera:
frost decorates plants
and fallen leaves
and clings to wooden surfaces
 the sun is low in the sky (but days are now lengthening)

the walks are icy

 but the views spectacular for those few that have ventured out

small and large birds are foraging

the ducks are perched on the ice,
 they may look as if they are asleep but all seem to have an eye open

the park is beautiful in its coat of frost and ice

in a shelter spot this branch has escaped the snow

the back of an amaryllis petal catches the light from outside
the photographer signs off for the year

May the New Year bring...
joy to your heart…

and warmth to your home!

yours with whimsy,

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