Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A new year, but same old weather

Another snowfall and a power outage made for a memorable New Year's Eve at our house; candles add atmosphere but alas no heat and little light. Our 3rd power outage in December.

Roads and paths icy so photo walk was quite short.
This crow seems to have had enough of the cold...
...and my hummingbird friends don't seem terribly happy about the long cold spell either.
So I thought is would share a variety of the birds I photographed last year.
From Hawaii:
Above a Mynah bird, below same but acting more like a Roadrunner.
Goudian Finches enjoying a fountain
Finch (foreground) and Zebra Dove
From Haida Gwaii:

the rare "glass" Stellar Jay...

  Magnificent eagles:

Mischievous Raven 


From close to home:



and lastly from Whitehorse

Not sure so will call it a LBB, little brown bird!

That's all the pictures I have for you today.


If it sounds like I am whining about the weather, I am actually whining about the  cities reaction to the weather, too late and too little and very annoying.
The side walks are really slippery, even though the city has a bylaw about clearing sidewalks of snow by 10 am, they didn't clear the city property sidewalks -- but the bike lanes were clear to the ground!

The streets weren't plowed for the 2nd snow storm until after noon on a work day, all the buses were stranded at the bottom of the hill near us. City claimed they didn't expect snowfall even though Environment Canada gave plenty of warning.

As a result many people have fallen with bumps, bruises and breaks.

Vancouver (lower mainland) should be able to a better job of clearing the streets and keeping pedestrians safe!

Nothing like a good "wine" to start the year.


Happy New Year - 2017

I will leave the last words to Tennyson:

"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'"

"Ring out the false, ring in the true."

 Alfred Lord Tennyson


Happy Wednesday, with whimsy, and a little whine,



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