Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Little birds and more ....

I have a few more little birds for you today.

First a Saffron Finch; a small colourful bird from the tanager family.

Originally from South America the species has been introduced to Hawaii.

Below is an adult and a youngster.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall....."

Bath time for the kids.

They can often be seen foraging for seeds on the ground.

Very handsome birds, sadly I think they are also popular as caged birds.

One last look:

This is a House Sparrow or English Sparrow and was introduced to Hawaii from New Zealand in the 17 C. He looks to be striding purposefully somewhere.

And finally a Japanese White-eye, a tiny bird originally from South East Asia that was introduced to Hawaii early in the 20 C. 

Next here is a large bug I saw. If you hate insects scroll quickly through the next few pictures.

A Praying Mantis came for a visit:

It was easily 6 inches long and we noticed it on the railing of our lanai one evening.
Fascinating, but I didn't want to get too close.

Here is view from a different angle:


OK, you can open your eyes again now!

I have been busy painting this week and have two new watercolours to show you.

Neither photograph is very good, this one I had already framed (under glass) and didn't remove it from the frame to take a picture.
This is inspired by a photo I took in Lyon, France of an interior courtyard in an older part of the city.

"Le Chat Curieux"

"Basque Pathway"

Again not the best photo. This one was inspired by a photo I took on a walk up from the beach in southwestern France.


Sometimes I find something on YouTube that I just have to share.
Here is "Stairway to Heaven" flash mob style:

I wish I had been in that square, to see and hear it live.


Thanks for stopping by,

happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


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