Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Watch the birdies

There are many birds in Hawaii, some are known for their striking appearance and some not.

Red Crested Cardinal:

The Red-crested Cardinal is a good looking bird, it has a red head and crest and oddly is not really a cardinal, it is in fact a tanager. (I have also heard it referred to as a Brazilian Cardinal.)

It is found in tropical and sub tropical areas of South America but it has also been introduced to Hawaii.

The Red Crested Cardinal's diet includes seeds, fruit and insects.
In all my observations it was eating a pulpy substance from Bird of Paradise type flowers.

Below it is scooping something from a petal, and further below you will see it has found its meal. 

 Below is a youngster. A chubby little thing and it doesn't have the distinctive colour of the adult. It seemed to be foraging for seeds in the grass, but was also begging crumbs from the tourists at an outdoor eating area.

The adult bird was watching from a short distance away.

Grey Francolin:

Here is another bird, this one a Grey Francolin.
I have only seen it on a few occasions, normally it is heard but not seen.
It has a very distinctive call, I won't call it a song.
It is very well camouflaged in dry scrubby areas but easy to see on this patch of grass.

Originally from southern parts of Asia it has also been introduced to Hawaii. It is similar to a partridge, bigger than a Quail and smaller than a chicken and a bit drab.

To my surprise a pair walked along the wall just below our lanai when I had my camera handy.

So what do they sound like?
Here is a video I took in Hawaii:

It is a loud, shrill call, very distinctive and usually heard early in the morning when most of us are still trying to sleep.


Here is a painting I completed this week:
It is a poured watercolour that I named "Noon Shadows":

I finished another painting this week but unfortunately I framed it without photographing it.
I will share the image with you at a later time.

that is all I have for you today,

happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


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