Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Golden Dozen

For photographers the best times to take photographs are shortly after sunrise and again just before the sun sets when the daylight is redder and softer than during the middle of the day. This softer light is what I call "golden light".

So here is a "golden dozen", actually thirteen (I guess a golden bakers dozen), pictures from my garden at the end of a sunny day.


Chive flower

Clematis and Honeysuckle








A garden surprise? I have an artichoke growing!

Just one mind you, here is a second look at it:


Here is a continuation of group names theme from the last post.

Did you know that a group of porcupines is called a prickle.

try these made up ones:

a scamper of squirrels
a plunge of waterfalls
a brouhaha of louts
a crunch or maybe a dent of parkers
a wave of kayakers
a goggle of swimmers 
a dictation of secretaries
a clipping of gardeners


A YouTube video with unexpected ending:


And from the studio:

"Skedans 2", a varnished watercolour: 
Art news: 

One painting was accepted into the "Oil and Water" show at the South Delta Artists Guild Gallery 1710:

That's all for this week,

happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


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