Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Spring Groups

There are some interesting names for groups in nature; a parliament of owls comes to mind.

A group of flowers growing close together (like these crocuses) can be called a bunch, a cluster or a clump. A bouquet is a bunch of flowers arranged for its beauty.

A group of geese can be called a gaggle or a flock or when in flight a skein.

There are goslings in the gaggle at Jericho Park.

Does that make this a gaggle of goslings:

Goose, gander and goslings:

Splish, splash

we're having a bath

so cute!


Watchful parents with six little goslings. 

When they were approaching the side of the pond where I was standing

the adults started bobbing their heads up and down

and stretching their necks out.

I interpreted this as wanting me to buzz off  

so after a few more pictures I backed away and

let them have the end of the pond to themselves.


But what about groups of people?

Did you know that a group of doctors is known as a dose or doctrine.

But what if we make up a few group names:

a malady of doctors

a confusion of psychiatrists

a drill of dentists

an argument of lawyers

a portion of dietitians

a clutch of racing drivers

a quotation or perhaps a scribble of writers

a structure of engineers

a catalogue of librarians

a grind of baristas

a pallet of artists

a baffle of geeks

That is all my husband and I came up with, now its your turn.

If you want to share any group name ideas let me know and I can pass them along in a future post.


What is happening in the studio?

Here are 5 new watercolours,

"Puglia Boats":

"Italian Window":
"Arte del Gelato": 


and finally "Afternoon Nap": 
I have entered the last 3 in the juried "Oil and Water" show at the South Delta Artists Guild Gallery 1710. The most they accept into the show is 2 per artist, hopefully one or two of mine will be accepted. I find out in about a week.


That is all I have for this week,

happy Wednesday,

with whimsy,


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